Don't know how to get here? No problem, here's some helpful hints. If you're still have any trouble please feel free to e-mail us at Other than that, here are our directions:

  • 1144 Christina Street North

  • City of Sarnia, N7V 3C3

  • Southwestern Ontario, Canada

  • Crossing of Michigan Avenue & Christina Street North.

  • Across from Canatara Park

  • Half mile from Bluewater Bridge to U.S.A

  • Next to Sarnia Golf & Curling Club

  • From Highway 402 East; Take exit of Christina Street North and continue on Christina Street North. After passing Sarnia Golf Club you will come at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Christina Street North. You will see big sign of 'Chipican Motel'.

  • From Port Huron / Bridge to Canada; After paying toll tax and immigration, take exit 'Front Street'. On Front Street take left hand towards 'Point Edward' until you reach Michigan Avenue. Then take right hand turn and on first light you will see big sign of "Chipican Motel" at the crossing of Christina Street and Michigan Avenue.

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